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About Plan My Study

Plan My Study is a complete solution for all your educational needs and desires. You be a student or a teacher, be a school or an educational Institute or be a coaching or tuition Class , Plan My Study helps you in getting exclusive educational aids at every level !! Do It Yourself ( D I Y ) Science project kits or Project Components. Physics and Chemistry Laboratory apparatus and Equipment and Mathematical tools. Educational Charts on every subject. Robot and drone Kits, Robotics, electronics components. N 52 grade Neodymium Magnets, Power full Fer rite Magnets, Handwriting improvement tools and slates in all languages. Microscopes,Telescopes, Binoculars and Monocular. Puzzles and various types of Rubik's Cubes. Audio video based digital learning and English speaking course. 

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Who are we?

Sangita Pidadi, Founder & Owner
Graduate with 27 years of professional experience.Since 17 years, closely associated with students in respect of guidance & tutoring.
Deep interest in education & development of youngsters.
Yoga teacher & Many cookery shows broadcast on TV.
sangitapidadi@gmail.com Contact- 8446022040

Girish Pidadi, Adviser & Promoter
Engineering Graduate from NIT, PG in Management, Ph. D synopsis approved.
29 yrs of Indl experience in the management cadre with corporates like Tata’s & Reliance. 
ex. Hon. Director with renowned educational  group
Keeps deep knowledge of Technology, Networking, Marketing, e-commerce and Service sector. Career Guidance Expertise.
Also provided services as consultant to many projects including MIHAN at Nagpur.
Customised solutions to Science Centres, Research Labs & Educational institutions.
girishpidadi@gmail.com, Contact – 9325019356

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Please do contact us on 9325019356 or email at planmystudy@gmail.com for any special guidance /information /query or help.